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Tree Stump Drawers

To make this you will need:

A aesthetically pleasing tree stump
(mine is 17″ tall & about 7″ in diameter for reference)
Drill & itty-bitty drill bit
Band Saw (or possibly a Scroll Saw, depending on the size of your stump)
Wood Glue

To start, decide which side is the front.

Then, cut off the back portion, the full length of the stump

Next, decide how many, how big and where you would like your drawers. With a pencil, draw yourself guidelines (that you will cut in just a moment)

Once you’ve figured out the placement of all the drawers, using as small of a drill bit as you can that will still allow a saw blade to be inserted, drill a hole into the bottom center of each drawer.

Then, using a Band or Skill saw, insert the saw blade into the drill hole, re-attach the blade to the saw and carefully cut out each drawer, using your pencil marks as your guide.

In the case of my set of drawers, you will now have 4 squares of wood.

Now, on each block, cut off the front portion and the back portion of each “drawer”.

You now need to hollow out your drawer.

To do this, draw a “U” shaped guideline, leaving enough width so that the drawer isn’t weak, and then cut out the center, by following the guideline with your band/skill saw.

Glue everything back together!
Put the fronts & backs back on your hollowed out “drawer”.
Glue the back of the stump back onto the front of the stump.
Carefully, clamp everything in place, using rags & wood blocks, so as not to damage any of the surfaces.a

If the drawers don’t happen to have little twigs sticking out of their fronts, (only one of mine did to begin with) you can find other twigs, drill holes in the drawer fronts and glue the twigs in place to serve as knobs. 

Once completely dry, your finished.


Sandwich Ideas



Let me explain why this is really important:  Because it takes a lesson every other show teaches you and corrects it.

Most shows will say “Be yourself!  Then girls will love you for you and you will have so many girlfriends!  So many!”

It’s another disappointing message to young boys that teaches them they are entitled to women.  That “hey just be you and you get girls, neat!”

Tino’s mom takes the time to say “No, be yourself because yourself is who you should be.  It won’t necessarily get you girls, some of them still won’t be interested but the most important thing is you like yourself.”

That’s a great message and if he follows through with it, it is likely to make him far more interesting as a romantic partner.

I don’t even know what this is from, but this is something I’ve never actually seen articulated before, and it’s SO IMPORTANT.

(Source: disneystheweekenders)

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